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Heighten Your HVAC Efficiency | OKC | Airco Service

When it comes to heating and cooling, efficiency is essential. An efficient HVAC system lowers your utility bills, preserves natural resources, wards off repairs and gives you peace of mind. There is a wide spectrum of heating and cooling efficiency rates that differ by equipment, maintenance, usage, installation quality, and age. Heighten Your HVAC Efficiency You […]

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Plumbing Bascis 101 | Airco Service | Oklahoma City

With plumbing, Airco Service knows it all. If anything goes wrong with your home’s or business’s plumbing or you need pipes, faucets, drains or anything else installed/repaired, we are at your service. We think educating customers about the plumbing basics is a good idea. After all, the average person understandably knows little to nothing about plumbing […]

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What Is Red-Tagging? | Airco Service | OKC

Over 50,000 house fires involved home heating systems from 2009 to 2013. Sadly, nearly 500 lives were lost, although regular maintenance could have prevented these tragedies. It is easy to think it may never happen to you, but why chance it? Maintenance for home heating systems costs less than having to call for emergency service in […]

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The Impact of Weather on Heat Pumps | Heating Season

Heat pumps offer an excellent alternative to complete electrical or gas reliance during the colder months. While a heat pump does run off of electricity (typically), it has the ability to produce significantly more heat or cool air than the amount of energy it uses. As it draws heat and cool air from the earth, […]

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Most Common Electrical Repairs | Airco OKC

Electrical problems inside the house may seem minor, but you need to take care when it comes to electricity. What may seem like a simple repair can end up becoming a large problem. Repairs should not be attempted on your own due to the danger of working with electricity. There are a host of different […]

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Airco Service Is Here to Fix All Your Plumbing Problems | OKC

If your home or business has any plumbing problems, Airco Service is here to lend critical assistance. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years, and our customers come back time and time again when they need plumbing assistance, HVAC help or general home repairs and maintenance. The Types of Plumbing Problems We Can Help With […]

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What Is The Emergency Heat Switch On My Thermostat? | Airco

With winter on fast approach, it’s time for maintenance on your heater. Have you changed the filter in the past two months? Have you checked all the ins and outs of the system to refresh your memory and see if you need extra heating services in Oklahoma City? Emergency Heat Switch You may be a little confused […]

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