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Thermostat problems: How to fix a broken thermostat

Thermostat problems: How to fix a broken thermostat Your air conditioner has just stopped working. On checking it, you find that the fault entirely lies on the broken thermostat. While hiring a HVAC professional is the best way to go, you may consider fixing the thermostat on your own. Fixing a thermostat is one of […]

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Why annual HVAC service benefits you year-round

Regularly scheduled HVAC service by a qualified technician is critical to the present efficiency and performance of your system, as well as its future reliability. In most cases, your air conditioner and furnace should get a yearly check-up at the outset of the cooling or heating season, respectively. That means spring or early summer for […]

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Air Conditioning

Trustworthy HVAC Air Conditioning Service

Heating and cooling comfort are the primary reasons for getting a heating and air conditioning installation. Getting an HVAC system installation is not just a matter of going shopping and picking the system that seems to be most reasonably priced. You need to get a reliable HVAC contractor with a proven track record, and this […]

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energy efficient

Airco Energy Efficient HVAC Services

There is nothing more refreshing than walking through the door, and the refreshing blast of cool air hits your skin. The heat outside was just blasting through, and you felt like toast. It could have been those cold nights, and the thermostat was just stuck. In most  instances you end up spending more on heating yet […]

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air conditioner

Air Conditioner Problems You Should Rectify Immediately

When indoor temperatures begin to change abnormally in your house, you need to check whether your air conditioner is working properly.  Some air conditioners are manufactured poorly; therefore, with significant background information of the manufacturer, you’re assured of purchasing high quality products. Some of the common problems with air conditioners include insufficient maintenance, poor installation, […]

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Airco Service Inc

Airco Services Inc: Who We Are

Family owned and operated since 1961, Airco Service has built their success on the foundation of hard work and integrity. They strive to provide first-rate services by ensuring that their staff are up to date and well trained in the ever changing HVAC field. Voted “Best Service Company” in Oklahoma, Airco Services is available for […]

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Air Conditioner

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner for Optimum Performance

Indoor climate is a key determinant of comfort in our homes. Despite harsh weather conditions outside your house, you can achieve an exceptional indoor climate through an efficient HVAC system. With ideal room temperatures, your visitors will not hurry to leave whenever they visit your home. After a long day’s work, your home will definitely […]

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